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The number one roadside assistance and wrecker towing services in the area!

Towing Townsville is the number one choice when it comes to providing roadside assistance and several services when your vehicle has issues.

When you are on a trip or have somewhere important to be, one of the worst things possible is to have trouble while you are on the road.

This is where towing experts can come in and save the day as we offer our 24 hour towing services in Townsville and its surrounding areas.

Our Tow Truck Services

We Offer Superior Townsville Towing Services

Towing Townsville offers a wide range of solutions whenever you encounter problems on the road or need help moving your vehicles.

Wrecked car on a tow truck

Accident Towing

If an accident has occurred, the best thing to do is to avoid using your vehicle any further until the damage has been assessed.

This may be because certain problems may occur due to whatever damages your vehicle has sustained and this could lead to injury.

Breakdown Towing in Townsville

Breakdown Towing

A vehicle can break down for various reasons and if this occurs, we can send someone over to tow your vehicle to a repair shop.

Our breakdown towing service is quick and reliant, making it the best choice to make sure we reach quickly to tow it back for you.

Towing professional loosening wheel lug nuts

Roadside Assistance

Should your vehicle face minor issues that can be resolved on the road, we can send a professional over to fix it for you.

This may either be running out of gas, electrical problems, flat tyres, and more, which our professionals can fix for you upon arriving.

White Tow truck

24 Hour Towing

Towing Townsville offers emergency towing that can be provided at any time as we understand that problems on the road can happen at any time.

Once you get in touch with us, we can send a professional right away to pick up your vehicle and tow it to a repair shop or keep it preserved in our secure storage facility.

Additional Services

We Also Offer

Townsville Towing also offers other services that include transporting vehicles and more, which our professionals are more than capable of doing.

Tow truck operator with checklist
About Towing Pros Townsville

Townsville's Towing Experts

Towing Pros Townsville started as a small company that offered limited towing services in the area which later expanded in 2014 after investing in better equipment and towing vehicles.

To this day, Towing Townsville has professionals and all the necessary equipment needed to perform outstanding services in the city as well as the areas around it. It is our goal to make sure that roadside problems are dealt with as swiftly as possible and provide everyone with safety and convenience.

Once you get us to provide our towing services, you can expect the following from us:

  • Reliable services
  • On-time towing
  • Advanced equipment
  • Affordable towing prices
  • Safe vehicle transportation
  • Secure storage facilities
  • Easy communication
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Our Townsville Towing Services are available 24/7. In case of emergency, contact us through the following:

Townsville, QLD

Phone: 07 4401 5084

Email: info@towingprostownsville.com

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Here's what our happy clients have to say about us!

Joe F.


Very convenient to have accessible towing around Townsville. These guys get any job done. Two thumbs up!

Scott C.


I travel a lot and encounter car troubles on the road. Good thing Towing Pros was one call away when I needed my car towed in Townsville. Great service and staff!

Jane F.


The team was easy to reach when I needed assistance in the middle of the night. Puts your mind at ease because your car is in good hands. Definitely recommended! 

Reasons to Choose Towing Pros Townsville

The Best Local Towing Company in Townsville

Towning Townsville has made its mark several times for providing outstanding services within Townsville and the areas surrounding it and there are many reasons you should consider using us.

Cheap Towing Rates

Towing a vehicle may seem like a big job but we prefer to favor helping you out over charging you with overpriced services.

We offer affordable towing rates for your vehicles that are transparent to give you the best convenience since trouble on the road is already enough of a headache.

We Prioritize Your Safety

Your vehicle may be one thing but your safety is what matters to us most, which is why we offer to give you a ride back along with your vehicle.

If our professionals can determine that there is any possible danger with your vehicle, they will insist on having it towed to avoid any risks.

24 Hour Towing Availability

We know that accidents can happen at any time or that you might have questions about our services that you would like to have in advance.

This is why we offer our services 24/7 so that things become even more convenient for you, especially when you need emergency towing or want something moved late during the night.

Easy Communication

Responding to our clients on time is very important, which is why we make sure that our team is ready to get back to you as soon as they can.

We also have a 24/7 hotline that can be contacted when you need our emergency services to ensure your road problems are taken care of as soon as possible.

Licensed Professionals

Our professionals have all gone through background checks to ensure the quality of our services and are all well-trained and knowledgeable about the jobs they need to do.

We have equipped them with only the best vehicles and equipment to make sure that they can provide you with outstanding services.

Secure Storage Facilities

When you need your vehicle storage for later on, we can offer you a slot in our secure vehicle storage so that you can return it at a more convenient time.

Our storage facilities are secured with heavy-duty locks, CCTV surveillance, and security personnel to make sure your vehicle is safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions on your mind, feel free to check out our Frequently Asked Questions section or give us a call.

Towing Townsville has professionals who have access to a fleet of tow trucks and equipment that will allow them to safely extract vehicles from a garage or any other storage unit that they may be in.

Of course! Towing Townsville can work with your insurance companies to get things taken care of you so you don’t have to go through the trouble once you give us the details we need and which towing services you require.

To properly locate and tow your vehicle, our towing professionals will need to know the make of your vehicle, model, year, colour, and license plate.

Getting locked out of a car is more common than most people would expect and we are always ready for this. 

There are two places where we can bring your vehicles after towing them, which are to the nearest repair shop to be worked on or in our secure storage.

Towning Townsville is connected to the best repair shops you can find and in case you would like your vehicle to be stored, we have a CCTV-monitored secure storage facility for our car recovery services.

You can rest assured that all of our professionals have proper background checks and have gone through full training as well are certified for their jobs.

We understand that safety is a must and we conduct background checks before hiring and training along with periodic checks to ensure the integrity of our professionals. We also collaborate and share industry practices and insights with other companies like Towing Mineola to ensure we keep up to date with the latest best practices, equipments and safety trainings for our staff.

Since accidents or road issues can occur at any time, Towing Townsville has decided to provide its towing services 24/7 for your convenience.

No, your presence is not required but we will need the required information about your vehicle along with how we will gain access to it.

You may either leave it with someone for us to pick it up or let us know where you plan on leaving the keys so we can get them later.

Within the area of Townsville, our drivers can reach you within an estimated 5-20 minutes depending on your distance from our building.

Our drivers are experienced and have become accustomed to taking the best routes and know the whole area as if it were written on the back of their hands.

Towing Townsville can cater to all types of vehicles which includes motorcycles as our team has access to state-of-the-art equipment that our professionals have experience handling.

We can send professionals over who have equipment that can unlock your vehicles without causing any damage to them.

If you want to avail of our towing services, all you need to do is get in touch with us and we will send over our professionals right away.

We will ask beforehand what has happened so we can make sure that our professionals are prepared and bring the right equipment needed.

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